How to use Rutse's Collection

Reducing Dull skin and Hyperpigmentation sadly will not happen overnight. However I have created this blog post as a point of contact for you, so you can see how you can maximise your new product staples. 

Below is a list of how to videos that you can follow - however I have also added a few personal pointers too, to ensure that your skin will look radiant. 

1. Lock + Seal Facial Oil 

✨For best results, use everyday on freshly washed damp skin. 

✨Use SPF after every use, so that your skin cells are protected



2. Restart Gel Exfoliator 

✨For best results, use 3-4 times a week - however listen to your skin. 

✨Use on wet or damp skin. 


3. Radiate Clay Mask 

✨For a good texture, use the ratio 1:1 when mixing the water and clay mask 

✨Leave on for 10-15 mins


I hope this helps :)